We won the third price at the Inventors Challenge of the Spezialradmesse 2019 (International special bike show, Germersheim, Germany, at the end of april 2019). We won this, even though the exhibitioned dijker was not ready to drive yet. (And, by the way, the second price was about a not really new idea - a fuel cell for a bike, by someone connected to the Frauenhofer institute, a billion company.)
First price: oke, that was really inventive too. See specialbikesshow.

Of course it was a pity, after all our efforts to show a complete vehicle, ready for market. In the end the belt returning mechanism failed. For now we are toughly continuing to to get the dijker running, smooth, stable and asap. As soon as this is the case, you hear more from us.

Peter Paul van der Ven, inventor, Netherlands